18mm White Ribbed Euro Dropper Cap .039" Orifice Tamper Evident Ring

$0.18 each
SKU: CL3502-MD
5,000 units per case

White, ribbed side,smooth top  continuous thread cap with 18mm neck finish and a tamper evident ring.  Continuous thread caps are popular in a wide range of wholesale industries from food, personal care, pet care, household products, industrial products, health and beauty, arts, crafts, hobbies and just about any other market segment. This polypropylene (PP) cap has a high tolerance for heat and is very durable.

This cap also includes a Euro dropper with a .039" orifice. Commonly used for essential oils, fragrances, natural-colored remedies, and herbal extracts.Euro droppers give the option to dispense one drop at a time.Tamper evident rings are often used to detect tampering. When removed, the tamper evident seal will self-destruct to indicate that the seal has been broken.

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