Plastic Jars With Lids?

Silly question? Maybe. Let me explain. If you’re buying a plastic jar, chances are you’re going to want a lid to go with it. It just makes sense. You’re going to put some type of product (lotion, cream, etc.) in the jar and you want it to stay in the jar. Also, most plastic jars come with threading at the top so that a lid can screw on it and leaving that exposed would just look weird. Lids (lined or unlined) can also create a barrier that preserves and protects the product.

Buying a jar without a lid would be like buying a car without the wheels. Not a great idea.

At Citadel Packaging we sell plastic jars and we sell lids but we sell the lids and jars separately. Why would we do this? We want our customers to be able to choose which lid works best with their plastic jar. We are here to help provide packaging expertise but we ultimately leave the decision up to you. Isn’t that great? No restrictions. No predetermined lid-container combinations.

You know what’s also great? The fact that you can purchase your jars and lids in any quantity. You don’t have to meet a minimum requirement to buy. And what’s even better is that if you do want to order a large quantity we offer volume discounts and we can use our shipping powers to find you a great freight rate. I know, it’s pretty cool.

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